Remote Support

Enter your CODE below and click "CONNECT":

  1. Don't have a CODE? Request help!

a) Call or SMS: 043 772 1079

b) E-Mail:

2. Enter your Code

3. Click "CONNECT" when you're ready!

4. Give permission (choose "Yes", etc) to downloading and installing Zoho Assist*.

* "ZOHO Assist" is the secondary Remote Support software used by J-Tech Solutions.

Option 2: Use "Quick Assist" (Windows 10 only)

Follow these steps to allow someone you trust to take control of your PC over a remote connection.

    1. Select the Start button > Windows Accessories > Quick Assist.

    2. Select Get assistance, and then follow the instructions in Quick Assist.

    3. SMS James on 0437 721 079 to get a code, and enter the code provided.

    4. A confirmation question will appear, select Yes to continue and allow the connection.

    5. Wait for the connection to complete.