Remote Assistance

Remote Support

If you have been given a Code/ID, enter it below and click "Connect".

  1. Request for help.

a) Call or SMS: 0437721079

b) E-Mail:

2. Enter the ID provided by your Technician.

3. Click "CONNECT" when you're ready for the Technician.

4. Give permission (click "Yes", etc) to downloading and installing ZOHO*.

* "ZOHO Assist" is the main Remote Support software used by J-Tech Solutions.

J-Tech Desktop File:

Option 2: Use "Quick Assist" (Windows 10 only)

  • This option is only to be used when guided by your technician.

Follow these steps to allow someone you trust to take control of your PC over a remote connection.

    1. Select the Start button > Windows Accessories > Quick Assist.
    2. Select Get assistance, and then follow the instructions in Quick Assist.
    3. SMS James on 0437 721 079 to get a code, and enter the code provided.
    4. A confirmation question will appear, select Yes to continue and allow the connection.
    5. Wait for the connection to complete.

Select the Start button > Windows Accessories > Quick Assist.


Select the search box on the taskbar and type Quick Assist, and then select Quick Assist in the list of results.

1. Launch "Quick Assist".

2. Give permission and allow.

3. Enter the code noted by James.

4. Approve his connection to your computer.

"Quick Assist" is native in Windows 10 (v1708 onwards).